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Often asked questions

Do I need to enter my credit card details?

Nope, keep your card in your wallet!

You'll only be asked to enter your card details if you choose to continue using YourTradebase after your trial has finished. You're in control.

What happens after my free trial?

After your free trial, you choose if you want to continue using YourTradebase on a paid plan.

If you do nothing, your account will automatically be downgraded to a free account, which has some usage limits. Either way, your data remains safe and secure.

Are there any limits to the trial?

Nope, no limits.

You can use all of YourTradebase on an unlimited basis during your free trial without limits.

Can I add more users to my account during my trial?


Add as many administrators or field staff team members as you need during your trial. You'll only be charged if you choose to continue using YourTradebase.

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